Participate In the Powerful Shift That Our Planet is Currently Experiencing

October 13&14th Live in Toronto

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Participate in the powerful shift that is occurring on this planet. Each person is experiencing various degrees of awakening perhaps however you are not clear about how to connect with the new shifts that are taking place.

You will share an incredible weekend with like-minded people. Gifts will abundantly flow through onto all the hearts and minds as this Gathering as Crystal Light Souls Infinite Conference. You will uniformly be balanced, then shifted and elevated into the ONENESS Consciousness of LOVE that you are here to create on this planet. You will be guided to those Sacred Teachers, Healers, Light Workers, Shamans, Sages and Seers who will deliver their Masters’ Message and Teachings on stage in Toronto.

The InfiniteAll are here to work with you

In the image aside Nora WalksInSpirit is channelling Beings of higher intelligence. The array of light around her body and her chakra systems, along with the Ascended Master behind her, demonstrates what occurs when these Beings are present and communicating through her. These Beings, collectively known as the Infinite All, communicate and work through Nora WalksInSpirit. They are helping to facilitate the planet’s transition from third to fifth dimension.


As a result of all the work that has been taking place, portals of energy around the planet have begun to open up, which are enabling Ascended Masters from various Dimensions to infuse their Intelligence and Essences of energy onto our planet. This transformative energy we are receiving means that a golden age with blessings is underway and unprecedented spiritual growth is available to all.

This website is your connection to all the Beings that are coming onto our planet right now.

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“New” The Ascension Series Level I

This Course will teach you Techniques that will assist you in your Spiritual Life as well as your Daily Life and help you develop a healthy and balanced BODY, MIND and SOUL.

**Each full day Awakens, Calibrates, Integrates then Activates your True Master Soul within.

Topics of Discussion will include:
• Introduction to the Ascension Series and the Masters who will be teaching.
• Understanding the TRUE Alignment, Balance and STILLNESS of the Mind
• Understanding Low Thought Forms and Frequencies, and how to detect these oncoming Energies entering into the body and mind, and transmuting releasing instantly!
• Demonstration and Activations for Releasing & Transmuting Thought Forms and Obsessions from Oncoming Projections of other Selves. What are Hidden Selves, Shadow Selves? How are they affecting/infecting my everyday Life and Soul Journey.

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Activations at Ayers Rock will be at Sunrise of the 11-11-11 GATEWAY

Video and Audio Replay is now Available

There have been LIGHT PARTICLE Strands of Consciousness arriving on your Outer body’s fields and IAM Aligning those Outer Fields of MY Infinite ALL Column upon all your Columns within your body, within your Soul that now is transforming into Infinite Energies of ONENESS.

This 11-11-11 Gateway of MASTERY is aligning into 3 Infinite LIGHT Columns of Dimensional, Inter-Dimensional, and Universal Dimensions of Freedom; housing 3 Dimensions of Star Elders, Star Beings and Star Nations in each 3 Gateway Columns that are embellishing and bathing your Outer Consciousness Fields to traverse and Transcend into the Master Soul LIGHT BEING of Who You Are.

Open your arms now touch the Hands of these Infinite Master Beings that will be arriving, aligning within your own Columns, of your own Infinite Gateway of Light that you are integrating and transmitting; as a Consciousness from all Infinite ALL Dimensions.
11-11-11 Gateway an Inner Consciousness of your own Soul, Body, Mind of who you are will be bathed by your Outer Column of Light that aligns Infinite Love into all that you are.

Breathe, breathe in the Ethers of Oneness that is aligning on this planet. The Law of One is recreating and redefining its Original Infinite LIGHT in 3 Columns of LIGHT that will appear.
It is Christ Consciousness, it is Holiest of Golden Godliness Essences and it is an Infinite ONE. It is all Dimensions aligning in a Merkabah counter-clockwise of Diamond Essences.

Yes, there will begin to be higher Chords of Frequencies to tap into so that you will be able to See Hear and more than Know the PRESENCE of many Light Beings ESSENCE is surrounding you, both Protecting and Shielding you while creating new Crystalline Panels for your own Outer Fields Grids.

Watch for the LIGHT Strands arriving over these next few days as they will be aligning within your Awakening Minds Eyes to See, when you are in STILLNESS and Feeling these LIGHT Strands activating your Inner Mind to begin operating of your Master Mind. 
I will be broadcasting a LIVE message from Ayers Rock, Australia for this unveiling moment of LOVE on the 11-11-11 at 11:00am. Your own hidden LIGHT CODES within that are unraveling empowers us into our 5D Consciousness by creating a Diamond Heart of LOVE into Gaia. We are Transcending into Souls of LIGHT and all is in Ascension.

HOME from 11-11-11 AYERS ROCK – Messages from the MASTERS

Join me on Soul Talk

11-11-11 GATEWAY a phenomena that will change the Consciousness on the Planet. This amazing Journey to Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef and the beauty of Australia Outback will be the “Masters SPEAK” message from the Multi-Dimensions of Grid Systems that Nora WalksInSpirit will be Aligning into during the 11-11-11. An empowering moment for her and all who tune into their Hearts and Soul from within this Sacred Portal and moment on Gaia. All Masters SPEAK messages from Ayers Rock on the 11-11-11 will be delivered Soul talk  

The Ascension Series Workshop – Toronto

This workshop will teach you Techniques that will assist you in your Spiritual Life as well as your Daily Life and help you develop a healthy and balanced BODY, MIND and SOUL.

We welcome all BEINGS in all the Realms in all the Dimensions that enter into our Awakening hearts and open minds. We enter into ONENESS Consciousness with all Living Energies on this entire planet and bring forth highest levels of healing and integrations of all new energies of LIGHT.

I welcome all who are ready to make these changes and shifts into the new 5D Consciousness with the Guidance, Teachings and Activations of this Ascension Series Program.

November 25th, 11am to 3pm

Location:  Happy Soul Toronto – 961 Bloor St. W. Toronto

Telepathic Tuesday♥

Fuel your curiosity about the Infinite ALL!

FREE Online Event ~ Telepathic Tuesday ~November 27 PM EST
The Masters are ready to align your outer fields. Are you ready to align your outer fields? Are you needing an alignment to Balance these energies? Join me for Telepathic Tuesday. Channeled in the moment.🔮✨

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Activations at Ayers Rock will be at Sunrise of the 12:12 GATEWAY

We Gather in ONENESS on this Sacred 12-12 GATEWAY to Welcome All Awakening and Activating Souls of Infinite LOVE ♥

COME As ONE and bring another with you to honor ONENESS

Trinity Presbyterian Church
2737 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M2L 1C5
7PM to 9PM
Cost: $20


Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey

Systems connecting to ALL that JUST IS.
I have been channeling and receiving messages from the Masters in the Realms and the Portals of LIGHT held in STILLNESS within the Planet’s Lei Lines. These Masters of which were first Ascended Masters who spoke to me back in the late 90’s and then raised ME into a dimensional state of Connecting and Communicating more in 2012 until now. All that I hear and feel each day aligns to the higher networks that are aligning all other Grid systems in all Consciousness on the Planet and so it is a time for introducing our own SOULS to Who We TRULY ARE

December 11th, 6PM EST


This New Year 2018 is a year of Awakening to the changes of new Soul Journeys and new Patterns of new Belief Systems. If you are ready for these new Energies to open doorways for New Soul Journeys so that you may discover your true Soul Purpose and Divine Gifts of LIGHT then you won’t want to miss these new Powerful Energy Sessions of highest Master vibrations to align you into your TRUTH. In this session, Nora will deeply connect to your Soul and Body energies, as her Spirits of LIGHT communicate through highest forms of LIGHT CODES to answer questions for your heart to open and understand Who you truly are, and guide you onto your Soul Purpose and Divine Enlightenment of the hidden treasures of GIFTS within. All information is delivered through Sacred Languages and High Frequencies will be transmitted into the body or mind for removal of blockages or low energies to be rebalanced and aligned. *Profound Knowledge and affirmations of LOVE will be channelled from your own Spirit Guides *Energetic Clearings from Timelines will be released as you Receive the higher LIGHT CODES. *Your Soul will become aligned into ONENESS for you to tap into at any time thru Stillness.

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All of the Solar Winds flowing upon the Earth this day and tomorrow will heighten your Abilities to SEE, HEAR, FEEL and KNOW of your importance to Connect into the heartbeat of your SOUL BEING now awakening within.

You will find these heightened releasing of old programs and patterns of thinking will become adjusted for you as the electromagnetic fields of your Outer Consciousness will be restructured of low vibrations into your true LIGHT SOUL ESSENCES if you so allow and align to the adjustments as they flow upon you. Get your FREE Audio Now.

Step into highest states of STILLNESS for this LUNAR ECLIPSE Activation

BELOVED IAM PRESENCE, pour more and Align within our Awakened Sacred Hearts and Opened Infinite Minds of your Infinite LOVE;
Gently pour more of your Infinite FIRE to blaze and transmute our Hearts, Minds and Etheric Bodies into your LIGHT.
Connect us now to the INFINITE IAM PRESENCE of All Life, including INFINITE ALL WISDOM within ALL Gaia’s Kingdoms On this new World awakening All Her Elements….  Read More

Get your FREE Audio Replay >> Now Available Interview

In this interview, Nora discusses the energies hitting the planet wisdom that you can experience from the speakers at this year’s Gathering of Crystal Souls in downtown Toronto happening this October 2018.
In conversation with Hugh Reilly on Liquid Lunch at September 18, 2018

A Quick Teaching – Understanding Energies, and the outer fields of Energies, and the inner body fields such as the mind and heartbeat and the soul being of who you are.