It is my Soul desire to teach you, and guide you onto your Pathway of Mastery.

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Participate In the Powerful Shift That Our Planet is Currently Experiencing

9:9 Gateway

Join me September 9, 7:00 EST

Are you ready to RECEIVE the LIGHT SOUL Energies and Abilities of who you truly are? Join the Masters of Multi-Dimensions of LIGHT as the Messages and Activations of Crystalline Energies flow through ME onto all of YOU on this 9-9 GATEWAY of soaring up, up, up into Reality Consciousness.

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Fuel your curiosity about the Infinite ALL!
FREE Online Event
The Masters are ready to align your outer fields. Channeled in the moment.
August 27,  7:00 PM EST
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Stepping Into Mastery Teachings

It is my Soul desire to teach you, heal you and guide you onto your own Pathway of Mastery. One hour MASTER TEACHINGS will be delivered followed by an ACTIVATION into MASTERY The Masters will Speak, Teach, Heal and Adorn their LIGHT Intelligences through ME that will assist you, guide you, educate you on how to release any blocks that your Inner Child Mind may interrupt you with. Classes will resume September 2019.

Complete South Africa Trip Preview

Watch the Africa Preview Video to see what you could be experiencing this December.
LEARN MORE ABOUT TRANSFORMATIONAL TRIP TO SOUTH AFRICA By joining us for a complete preview of the South Africa trip happening December 2019

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Personal Healing Session with nora Walkinspirit

In-Person or Online Session via Telephone or Skype

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2018 Winter Gateways and Solstice Audios

This Audio Package includes some wonderful sessions with Nora Walksinspirit.

11:11:11 2018 Live in Australia – Ayers Rock Gateway
12:12 Gateway 2018
December 21st 2018, Winter Solstice
December 21st, 2018 Winter Solstice Activation

Gathering of Crystal Light Souls

For those of YOU who are infusing these heightened Gamma Rays and Plasma Waves of LIGHT into your Etheric Fields and pouring into your Inner Hearts and Awakened Minds, Join me for the Gathering Of Crystal Light Souls.
Begin to unlock patterns and programs. Unleash your mind from all that WAS to all that IS to be of Mastery.  All who enter will be raised up into Mastery Consciousness the moment they are seated into the vibrations of STILLNESS. The STILLNESS of the WORD within all hearts will awaken and shaken their Inner Minds to LISTEN….. to all that is spoken in words, languages, and music.
Please join us as a Collective Crystal Soul Family for a Sacred Weekend Workshop of Clearings, Alignments, Agreements and Sacred Activations. We join as One to anchor and connect to the Unified Field of Consciousness. LEARN MORE about this incredible event.

October 26 & 27 – Oakview Terrace, Richmond Hill
$266+ HST
Light Lunch included Saturday/Sunday

• 2 nights in Amsterdam – city of canals with stunning buildings and amazing history • 9 nights in South Africa – experience the magic of a safari for 3 nights then the culture and hospitality of Cape Town, Table Mountain and much more PLEASE JOIN US ON THIS SMALL AND VERY PERSONAL TOUR – YOU WON’T BE SORRY!
CAD9875 per person inclusive of flights, accommodation and several meals, tours and taxes – see detailed Itinerary with all Terms and Conditions. Space is limited and to reserve your place, a deposit of $2000 is required by May 1st, 2019


Morning Welcome Breakfast and Channel for the Arrival of Everyone onboard.

DEC 05: A second Channel will be to prepare everyone for what will be unfolding when we arrive into Johannesburg, as the Masters will be preparing all hearts and all minds for the 12-12-12 Sacred Date of the Master Journey that lies ahead.

DECEMBER 7: AM Channel at Breakfast. – Preparing the Path of Light for our Flight to Hoedspruit.

DECEMBER 8-10: Each morning and early Evening with the Safari Guide there will be a Message from the Masters to Communicate with the Kingdoms and the Elements. There will also be Evening Channel to the Star Elders and Star Nations during the Sun-Down.

DECEMBER 11: Cape Town. Channel in highest preparations for the 12-12-12 GATEWAY from the Star Elders and Star Nations. This will be a group setting during our Lunch on our full day excursion to Cape Town. This day we will be walking with the Penguins, and walking within the Ocean Waves of many of the Finned and Mammals to appear as called by the Masters.

DECEMBER 12: Table Mountain Channel. We will arrive on top of the Mountain at 11:00am and settle into a Hoop of ONENESS for the Master Message to be delivered with a Healing/Alignment Activation placed upon each Person This will also be on Video for those who are following this very Sacred Journey.

DECEMBER 13: Breakfast Message in preparing us for a full day excursion back down the beautiful coastline of Cape Town. Here we will have a Message delivered from the Whales and Dolphins as the Star Elders walk in Spirit with Nora and the Group.

DECEMBER 14: Our Final Visit and Farewell Message from the Masters of Star Nations on top of the Mountain. FAREWELL LUNCH on Me.

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Testimonials from Healing Session & Online Activations


“So Beautiful and what a delight to be part of this journey with you. Thank you Nora”

“Thanks for bringing all of us Light Souls together to share this energy.  The weekend was filled with many lessons and teachings on so many levels.”

“Dear Nora, So many great years and lifetimes.  Thank you for being a guide on my journey!

The InfiniteAll are here to work with you

Nora WalksInSpirit channels Beings of higher intelligence.  An array of light surrounds her body and her chakra systems, along with the Ascended Masters. Beings are present and communicating through her. These Beings, collectively known as the Infinite All, communicate and work through Nora WalksInSpirit. They are helping to facilitate the planet’s transition from third to fifth dimension.


As a result of all the work that has been taking place, portals of energy around the planet have begun to open up, which are enabling Ascended Masters from various Dimensions to infuse their Intelligence and Essences of energy onto our planet. This transformative energy we are receiving means that a golden age with blessings is underway and unprecedented spiritual growth is available to all.

This website is your connection to all the Beings that are coming onto our planet right now.

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Telepathic Tuesday FREE Replay

Recorded May 28th.  7:00PM EST, Listen and Enjoy

Super Full Moon Activation

Recorded February 26th, 7PM EST, Listen and Enjoy

Listen Now: Recorded March 21st. Spring Equinox Celebration. We are now entering into a new Grid System of CRYSTAL LIGHT ESSENCES that is adorning our Ethereal Bodies more and more since the 11-11-11- and 3-3-3 Divine Integration of Light Beings.  Any many of us are opening up to new Knowledge and Wisdom Keeper Frequencies from our own Ancient Timelines. This Spring Equinox also opens a new growth spurt of energies within all hearts and minds of these Soul Seeds Frequencies tapping into our everyday shifts of Consciousness and Awareness.  This series of Quantum Conversations by host Lauren Galey.

Listen Now: February 20th, I had the opportunity to speak with Patty Malek of Soul Talk. PA Super full MOON ACTIVATION to infuse the Soul Child to a Master Soul Knowingness. A heightened vibration of Higher Consciousness. Powerful! This activation then prepares us for the March portals of 3/3/3 and 3/21 Equinox, also a 3/3/3. Everything will be rapidly at our fingertips as we move into the April, Resurrection, of Gifts All who come to listen to the show will be infused with the Masters LIGHT energies.

Step into higher Master States of STILLNESS

BELOVED IAM PRESENCE, pour more and Align within our Awakened Sacred Hearts and Opened Infinite Minds of your Infinite LOVE;
Gently pour more of your Infinite FIRE to blaze and transmute our Hearts, Minds and Etheric Bodies into your LIGHT.
Connect us now to the INFINITE IAM PRESENCE of All Life, including INFINITE ALL WISDOM within ALL Gaia’s Kingdoms On this new World awakening All Her Elements....  Read More

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What is a Grid System the CODE of Consciousness is forever connected to a GRID SYSTEM. The creations of Grid Systems began with Infinite Gridlines of empowering Symbols, Tetrahedrons and many other Platonic Formations such as what I have created in My Cube of 5 Platonics of which you are all walking on as it is installed within CORE of the Planet.

A Quick Teaching – Understanding Energies, and the outer fields of Energies, and the inner body fields such as the mind and heartbeat and the soul being of who you are.