As this 10th month unveils an Infinite ESSENCE into our hearts and minds we begin to Focus on all that IS. We are Enlightened each hour of day now, of just how important and empowering we truly are becoming.
There are multitudes of Divine Messages aligning into the Etheric Fields of those who are LISTENING. Many of you are Receiving Transmissions of LIGHT CODES and recognizing these new Energies within your Consciousness.
This UNVEILING of ESSENCES of LIGHT is beginning to infuse into all other Kingdoms Consciousness
It has been delivered and it will continue to infuse the CRYSTAL Heartbeat and PULSE of this Planets new Crystalline Grid Systems for all to ASCEND into harmonic ONENESS.

Light EnergiesIAM in STILLNESS more each day and early evening now, preparing my Heart and Soul for my Infinite ALL life-changing moment soon to arrive on the 10-10-10 GATEWAY of REALITY Consciousness. This truly is a long-awaited date of the 10th day on a 10th month in a year of 2017=”10” this Sacred Date more will be exposing of their Energies onto the Planet in waveforms and colours/hues and vibrations of LIGHT. I encourage you all into ALIGNMENT and FOCUS on these new colourful Skies of LIGHT as they arrive up until then. Keep yourself Balanced, Grounded and Rooted in your own thought forms of PEACE & LOVE All is in Divine Perfection for the completion of many interruptions to be set free.

Everyday… Stay FOCUSED on all that is around you now. Listen to the words of others and decide if the MASTERS are speaking directly to you. All messages are being delivered by the Masters through the many Kingdoms now, so stay Balanced, Grounded and LISTEN
10-10-10 GATEWAY Explosive ENERGIES invites you to the BEYOND.

I invite you to join me in Toronto for the 10-10-10 Gateway, on October 10th at 7PM-9PM

LOCATION: 2737 Bayview Avenue, (401 south on Bayview) 

RSVP today to participate in this incredible event: