This is a conference for those who are moving into the ASCENSION frequencies that is now unfolding onto the Planet.
You who are infusing these heightened Gamma Rays and Plasma Waves of LIGHT into your Etheric Fields and pouring into your Inner Hearts and Awakened Minds will be called to this Gathering Of Crystal Light Souls.

A Gathering which will begin with the unlocking patterns and programs and unleashing your mind from all that WAS to all that IS to be of Mastery.

All who enter will be raised up into Mastery Consciousness the moment they are seated into the vibrations of STILLNESS. The STILLNESS of the WORD within all hearts will awaken and shaken their Inner Minds to LISTEN….. to all that is spoken in words, languages and music.

The first day will begin with a symphony of chimes and gongs and ringing in your ears elevating your Consciousness for the Medicine Teachings of Clearing the Passageways of the Body, Mind and Soul for Walking into Infinite Realms of Crystalline Grid Systems that you will journey through with Medicine Man Pete Bernard.
I with the Infinite Masters of many Dimensions will Gather you into a Hoop of ONENESS frequencies that will align, balance and attune your Outer Bodies into your own Mastery Fields
We will be infusing and building the MATRIX Fields with LIGHT Strands and LIGHT Quotients of Higher Realms to amplify, electrify your own Bodies and Minds with teachings and healings preparing you for the following day of Activations.

The next day we will begin with once more with the Symphonies of Crystal Bowls, Chimes, Gongs as the Magical Music pours through Michael Moon, as the Journeys and Activations will be delivered through both Pete and I for you to TRANSCEND into the ALL KNOWING state of your Crystal Light Soul and so begin your own journey into Ascension.

If you are being called to Step into Mastery Levels of Teachings and Healings and to Transcend into WHO you TRULY are, then this Gathering of Light Souls is for you….

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