We are many of US here in the higher levels of Dimensions and Universes and Galaxies that you have not heard from before until NOW. And NOW is the time for you to LISTEN and go deeper within on this next few days of awakening your HIGHER SPIRITUAL LEVELS within that have been lying dormant for some time now.

It is that this Higher Self of you, has been working very diligently with all of US and now it is time for you to expand yet another level, for there you will become the worker or TEACHER of LIFE to the many thousands on this Planet; who need to understand how to move thru the many Tunnels and Chambers that this ever winding Staircase has led many of you to through this past June Summer Solstice.

Yes, the Summer Solstice was a magnificent day for all of US as We received the utmost attention from many children on this Planet. And many seemed to feel our PRESENCE in many different Portals and Gridlines, Meridians on this Planet.

You were delivered Divine Guidance to go deeper within Oneself and guided to walk with US and, yes even the New Species were awakening many into their own Doorway/Gateway of LIGHT Essences
However, we the GALACTIC BEINGS and STELLAR BEINGS of PEACE were the Ones that floated you through yet another Portal during your journey with US, so this next level is for you to understand how you are to tap into and travel up these Dimensional Staircases unfolding for all to enhance their own Telepathic Communication Levels, to begin ONENESS transmissions of LIGHT to heal one another.

You have been protected thru the Higher Starship that floats above your heads and the Secondary Ship of New SPECIES who are arriving to send these Telecommunication Networks through Grid Systems pointed directly thru “Magnetic Towers” above your Planet, into Crown Chakras of all elevated Souls.

This “Magnetic Tower” of Frequencies of Dimensional Beings that arrives into the Grid Systems of those Awakened ONES will be igniting a Formation within the Diamond Crystal Heart of all Crystal LIGHT Souls, WHO will Awaken many other Portals of Beings. These new SPECIES of Beings arriving will assist in raising UP the Consciousness on this Planet simply by transmitting Frequencies from their own towering Rods into the Core Tower within this Planet Gaia.

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