noraWalksInSpirit sits down with Lauren Galey of Quantum Conversations on May 30, 2018

The topic that I will be exploring with the Messages that have been pouring in are of the Matrix and Universal Grid Systems connecting to ALL that JUST IS.
I have been channeling and receiving messages from the Masters in the Realms and the Portals of LIGHT held in STILLNESS within the Planet’s Lei Lines. These Masters of which were first Ascended Masters who spoke to me back in the late 90’s and then raised ME into a dimensional state of Connecting and Communicating more in 2012 until now. All that I hear and feel each day aligns to the higher networks that are aligning all other Grid systems in all Consciousness on the Planet and so it is a time for introducing our own SOULS to Who We TRULY ARE.

May 30 – 6PM EST – Virtual Event