During this 10th month, you will become more ACTIVATED of your AWARENESS each day while you are acknowledging how often you are actually in STILLNESS.

The Flames of LIGHT within your awakened Mind will spark more insightful energies into your Heart and Soul as you begin seeing, hearing and feeling your new ESSENCE of a Divine PRESENCE growing within your entire Soul Self.

Those of you who have been feeling sad or lost or uncertain will Connect within to this Divine PRESENCE and feel comforted and Blessed by a Holy Consciousness more than ever before. And your Mind will soar into Master thought forms more on these Stillness moments as raise UP your Consciousness into this Divine ESSENCE more and more each day now.

As this 10th month UNVEILS itself to all of us LISTENING and Gathering into Hoops of Oneness Consciousness, a higher elevation of LIGHT Consciousness will simply Awaken, Create, and Activate your Crystal LIGHT SOUL of who you truly are into your own LIGHT ESSENCES

You will begin to develop more Awareness of your Abilities to See, Hear and Feel more in your quietness as your Crystal LIGHT within your Soul Acknowledges, Accepts and Adapts to the LIGHT ESSENCES.

And, soon you will Hear, See, and Feel these new LIGHT ESSENCES are within all other Kingdoms too!!!

You will find that new Energies of Consciousness will be soaring into your Head, Heart, Hands and Feet each hour of the day, and you WILL FEEL these Electronic Energies of LIGHT pouring into your entire body beginning upon your head.

As you are waiting on the WORD each day the ESSENCES of LIGHT will be holding you into a LIGHT COLUMN around your Outer Body Energetic Fields for Protection, Alignment and Balance

You will note that while the Mind is Listening, Receiving and perhaps even writing Words, Symbols of what your own IAM PRESENCE is delivering to you. As the Mind is also becoming a new Atomic Energetic Field of its own new Electronic Consciousness pulse within the brain wave patterns.

When anyone is receiving new messages from their IAM Higher Source a “Radiant Mind” begins to flow into their Head, and this is the Huma Mind letting go and Aligning within the Higher Mind of Intelligent Strands of LIGHT.

When the Higher Mind assimilates the information into the Soul, Mind, Body then the Master who is speaking into the Higher Mind of the one who is assimilating these Energetic Intelligences will quietly fasten to this Master’s Intelligences until the message is complete; after which time the mind seems to resume and the Higher Mind exits of the human Mind’s frequency.

What IAM about to tell you is to FOCUS on the Outer Fields settling and aligning upon your Head, Heart and Hands more often. And when you Feel, See or Hear the IAM of your Master Soul or that of the Masters of LIGHT, then ask that they would radiate a POWER of their ESSENCE into your Being with information that will assist the Consciousness of this Planet and its inhabitants!

I would like to share with you also that of the stigma of the mind that continues to wander onto other Outer Fields of thought forms of Consciousness for that is the routine of thinking upon all other’s thought forms of living in this Dimension and how to seize this Activity.

The first teaching for this month will be LIGHT ALIGNMENT into your MIND, so that you can Hear, Feel, See, and Sense the arrival of your IAM PRESENCE while letting go of thought forms of Consciousness.

You will also be feeling the differing ESSENCES around your body and head as you will notably become Aware of the STILLNESS shift of the heightened vibrational ESSENCES of many MASTERS arriving.

When you feel this STILLNESS vibration and ringing of the ears, you will also become accustomed to the fact that there is never ever just ONE, there are always others such as SPARK Beings, Crystal LIGHT Ones, Infinite Atomic ONES, Masters of the same Vibrational Teachings, and this is Who brings the STILLNESS into a heightened state of REALITY Consciousness for you to Align to.

Join in ONENESS with noraWalksInSpirit on the Evening of October 10th

This GATEWAY heralds the Awakening and Aligning into a Higher LIGHT Consciousness for all Mankind to start Projecting and Transmitting LOVE, BALANCE and HARMONY onto Gaia and Her Kingdoms. This Sacred Gateway is for YOU to Align in Love and Transition into ONENESS.


October 10th
TIME: 7:00PM -9:00PM
LOCATION:2737 Bayview Avenue, (401 south on Bayview)

RSVP, or if you have questions please email Inquiries to contact@iaminfiniteall.com

When you are a Master of the MIND and MASTERMIND FORMULAS and KNOW instantly how to remove lowering Conscious thought forms when they enter into the Mind, then the lowering thought forms will be replaced by the Master MIND of Infinite Intelligences, and your life will change as you ARE what you THINK as a MASTER of LIGHT.

I look forward to meeting and Greeting you into the MASTERS ESSENCES at the Master Class on Oct 15th and the next Event “MIND over MATTER” Master Mind Teachings on October 21st with Jason Quitt.