9:9 Gateway September 13, 2017

During this year of Transfiguring and Transforming and Transcending all on this Planet will be shifting and evolving into their own Evolutionary path into ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS.

Therefore their role on this Planet is to establish within themselves their own true direction and Soul reason for being a part of this wonderful Ascension process that shall be Transitioning their human forms and Patterns of operation in a more elaborate Pattern of their own true Divinity.

The GATEWAYS of this entire year will be compounded by all Lunar New/Full Moons, Solar and Lunar Eclipses catapulted by every Spring Solstice March 21st, which shall Awaken a Transfiguring Energy of Consciousness’ into Gaia’s Sacred Chakra Portals until the Summer Solstice June 21st.

The GATEWAY on each month prepares you for a Pathway to understanding GATEWAYS are Passageways for showering and shimmering and empowering you Soul into Infinite RITES OF FREEDOM.

Today, we are Awakened to a new Awareness Consciousness of our own Body, Mind and Souls shifting and Transfiguring to these new thought forms of ONENESS of INFINITE ALIGNMENTS of Intelligences filled of LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE.

WE Gather each GATEWAY date into a Collective Consciousness of STILLNESS to Balance, Align and Connect to a Transmission of an Energetic force field of LIGHT of WHO we truly are.

This Transition of the Mind, Body and Spiritual Soul will be coveted by the Dimensions Consciousness Fields arriving on those Sacred Alignment dates throughout each entire year.

An expansion of your Spiritual Soul’s Consciousness moves into Awareness of Infinite Intelligences surrounding your Energetic Etheric Conscious Bodies to transmit LOVE onto all Kingdoms Consciousness Fields. A vast massive Collective Field of LOVE LIGHT INTELLIGENCES of your Spiritual Souls sets into motion a Divine Passageway a “GATEWAY” for your “Infinite” Soul’s Alignment to connect, communicate and TRANSFORM into ONENESS Consciousness.

This expansion of LIGHT Intelligences creates a Column of Progressive Thought Forms to enhance your Mind and Body to begin to TRANSMIT an unwavering willingness to be of LOVE and LIGHT in every Thought, Word and Action onto All.

Your own Passageway and GATEWAY echoes the Divine fulfillment of good WILL upon all that JUST IS.