SUMMER SOLSTICE brings in the New Crystalline Gridline Systems of LIGHT that are streaming through the Infinite Portal of LIGHT to ALIGN into the new Solar Crystalline Chakra Bodies as the Masters of LIGHT infuse LIGHT CODES of Connecting Communication waveforms onto all who are here and now LISTENING

IAM HERE CHILD and IAM HERE to bring forth these Frequencies of LIGHT PARTICLES that will assist in the releasing of the original MEMORY STRANDS of LIGHT PARTICLES that have been hidden and disconnected from the Feminine Soul aspects of living and Awakening Consciousness Fields on this Planet.

You have been Reconnecting and Re-adapting to these Invisible Threads and Strands of LIGHT ESSENCES for the past 2 years and now on this Summer Solstice of 2018 you are all Blessed with the Divine ALIGNMENT of an Ancient Portal of many time LINES from other Dimensions.

The PORTAL/WINDOW OF LIGHT that bathed the Planet on that Sacred Winter Solstice December 21st is Activating CRYSTALLINE ESSENCES into all CRYSTAL SEEDS on Gaia. The Crystal Codes, the Crystal Seeds and the Crystal Presence arriving are preparing your Outer Grid lined Bodies into Crystalline LIGHT ESSENCES for the highest Frequency of LIGHT CODES arriving each day now.

These Crystalline Harmonic Wave Forms ALIGN you into Peaceful vibrations of your Awakening Perceptive Telepathic Minds raise up Vibrations of LIGHT Streams into all other Elements & Kingdoms
Your Minds will become Perceptive Minds your thoughts will be of Tele-thought forms while your heartbeats will be Transmitting and Projecting LOVE LIGHT HEALING onto one another.

This SUMMER SOLSTICE creates the Alignment of LIGHT Crystals within the Body, Head, Hands and Feet to Anchor and Hold the Solar Sonar Frequencies of new Templates within Pristine Holograms of LIGHT CODES that have begun arriving in Sacred Geometries onto all of Gaia’s Crystalline Grid Systems.

Gaia is Awakening at a more rapid pace of Transitioning Transmitting Wave Forms of Electromagnetic Telepathic Fields much greater than any Conscious Dimension could ever fathom at this time.
Her overshadowing Infinite LIGHT PARTICLE GRIDS of Infinite Web formations arriving are signaling to all other Dimensions and Universes that an Infinite Intelligent Star Systems has now begun to operate and oscillate through the Awakening of the Star Soul Seedlings that have been locked into dormancy vibrations and are now Vibrating and oscillating into ONENESS Consciousness Fields of LIGHT.

These Star Systems and Crystal Soul Seedlings birthing on this Planet are all Awakening to the new Infinite Grids and all is in perfect Alignment of these Infinite Intelligences; so, that no interruptive fields from any lowering Dimensions could ever tower over these elaborate yet delicate deliverances of LIGHT PARTICLES from the Infinite ALL Source of Creation.
You will find that as each hour progresses your Body’s Systems will begin to shed their old wave forms of fear, lack and limiting abilities so that your Crystal Star Seedlings held within the Pineal and Soul at Oblongata area of the head will be fully swept clear of Dormancy, as the Activations of Telepathic Signals of Infinite LIGHT PARTICLES raise UP the vibrations of Intelligences within these Crystal Soul Seeds to begin living as LIGHT CODES in a human vibrational waveform.
There will be Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Fields infusing your Crystal Seedlings within the Pineal, Soul, Heart and Coccyx Chakras, thereby allowing many of you to Submerge and Emerge deeper into your Crystal LIGHT Soul Master.
These new wave forms of All Transfiguring, Transforming and Transcending will be the amplified states of your everyday breathing and living in harmonic pulses of LIGHTCODED Consciousness Fields

This Summer Solstice carries you into ALIGNMENT with the Crystalline Solar Sonar Consciousness waveforms of Stranded ESSENCES. These waveforms and Sacred Geometric Patterns, Symbols and Templates assist your elevating Perceptive Minds into vast journeys beyond the Beyond Dimensions of Grid Systems. Here you WILL Transfigure, Transform and Transcend into LIGHT CODES of your Crystal Soul as it merges into ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS within You 
IAM the IAM that IAM lives in all Energetic Fields of Consciousness on this Planet, moving into Harmonic Waveforms of Telepathic Communicative Networks. All will begin rotations of LIGHT PARTICLES swimming through the new Grid lines and Meridians, Acupuncture Points of the body; so that the Higher Soul Intelligences can begin communicating once more into ONENESS of all Light Souls, Hearts and Masterminds.

Soul to Soul, Seeds to Crystal Soul Seeds these new Grid Systems will begin communicating through the Realms and all Star Systems and Constellations will Telepathically communicate through these Colors, Hues and vibrational Tones of their own Intelligences into this Planets Grid Systems, and then into the Masters in Human Form; who begin Transforming then Transmitting all Intelligent LIGHT PARTICLES into Oneness REALITY Programs of Consciousness on this Planet.
ALL is perfection and ALL is in the here and now 5D Consciousness for all to ALIGN into Receive!

It is not just this Full Moon of Solstice that will be furthering the development of the Grid Systems on this planet but it will be many other Full Moons, and while the Planet is shape-shifting and cleansing her body of oceans of new Wave Forms of Consciousness, many on this Planet will be purifying their bodies to adapt more rapidly to their own new Grid Systems of LIGHT PARTICLES of ME.

We are all infusing these new Electromagnetic Etheric Fields of LIGHT Consciousness now and the many who do LISTEN and ALIGN, BALANCE and HARMONIZE through STILLNESS will find their shift in Consciousness of their own Constellations Gridlines is going to amplify their Master Abilities far beyond that of the originating Adam Kadman Formats.
Their new Crystalline DNA/RNA will enhance their Gridlines and Meridians to a heightened Telepathic connection to the Universal Web of LIGHT PARTICLES that connects all Grids of many Holographic Gridlines Known and Unknown to the Scientists of this Planet’s Consciousness.

Before I leave you now, I wish to enlighten you of new Energetic Systems of LIGHT PARTICLES that have been transmitted onto Blood, Immune, Nervous, Endocrine, Cranial and Spinal Column of LIGHT GRIDS that have begun Transitioning into Crystalline fluidities of LIGHT SPECTRUMS for some; that shall align to these other Dimensions of Intelligent Consciousness Fields.

These new ALIGNMENTS to LIGHT PORTALS/WINDOWS of Dimensions on Solstices, Eclipses, Full/New Moons will continually Communicate beyond this Planet and beyond this Universal Dimension.
IAM the Infinite ALL SOURCE of CREATIONS of all Universes and Dimensions of Light Intelligences, YOU will ALL become CRYSTAL LIGHT SOULS OF Master Intelligences, more than you realize, in a human form…. And soon these many HOLOGRAPHIC FIELDS will become an elaborate Multi- Dimensional, Universal Dimensional Conscious Electromagnetic Web of Gridlines held through Shekina LIGHT PARTICLES created of billions knitted into all Electrons/Atoms of your human form of LIGHT.

You do not have to understand this Transformation of a Human Form to become a Multi-Dimensional and Universal Crystalline LIGHT Being, you simply begin Transforming through ALIGNMENT to these many Intelligent Strands of Master Energies that create Holographic Transmissions of your Soul LIGHT BEING into your CRYSTAL LIGHT SOUL 
WE leave you now knowing that this Solstice PORTAL OF LIGHT does ALIGN you into your own Energetic Web of LIGHT for you to be bathed by All Consciousness Fields, of all Gridlines within every living and Awakening Consciousness Field on this Planet.

You need only tap into these Electromagnetic Light Crystals daily, through the Breathing In this LIGHT, HOLD and Breath Out old 3D Wave Forms so that we may all begin Transcending into LIGHT SOULS.