9 9 GatewayAwaken the mind to hear ALL that is here and now Arriving. An elevation of all Activated Crowns to all pivotal Portal Gateways and Star Gates begins this Alignment of ONENESS Consciousness to Infinities of All Dimensions now.

Open that Gateway within your Inner Mind; SEE within your Inner Minds’ Eye that Sacred Doorway. Align your Palm Chakras of LIGHT to the Essence of that Infinite Golden Key and place it into the Doorway- your Portal of Golden LIGHT Consciousness that beckons to Awaken the True Soul Being that is ready to crack open out of dormancy and receive all CODES of LIGHT Consciousness.

You are being called to place your Etheric Footprints on Gaia’s originating Diamond Meridians and Gridlines. She has begun shifting and peeling away her Threads of old patterns and is calling on all Awakened Inner Minds to infuse these Diamond ESSENCES of LIGHT from all her awakening Gateway Portals of entry.

An Infinite Source, a Power of Telepathic Frequencies, arrives from All Realms, from All Dimensions even the Unseen/Unknown Ones’ Consciousness Fields are empowering all Living Energies on this planet, to be Aligned, Adjusted and Amplified of Balance, Harmony, Love and Peace.
Pleaidean, Lemurian, Sirian, Arcturian, EYLs, Argons, Rowan, Mystified Ones, Star Elders, Star Beings, Star Nations, are they not all Awakening their Star Gates beyond this Galaxy, to send Shafts and Columns of Intelligent Light Frequencies and Quotients of Coded Light Intelligences to enter onto these 12 Diamond Crystalline Portals on this planet?

All Gaia’s originating Diamond Gridlines awakened through CODED Emblems of WHITE FIRE ESSENCES at March 21st, June 21st Solstices and now the soon arriving September 21st Equinox and Blood Moon on September 27th will envelope, embrace and even Activate greater aspects of their CODED White Light.

I AM not a body, I live in this body.
I AM Energies of Holiest Temples, of Holiest Stillness within Energies of Love.
I AM Integrations of Light and Intelligence now arriving unto all Outer fields of all Living and Awakening Kingdoms on this planet.
I AM Awakening new CODES of Consciousness to an Intelligence of ALL Knowing, ALL Trusting, ALL BEING of All Souls Awakening to the Realms of Truth and FREEDOM.
IAM FREEDOM is the new CODE of Consciousness

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Each transmission of information and healing energies that are evoked within your systems will always be Sealed at the end. Your Consciousness is moving into the Heightened Consciousness of ONENESS and it is Sealed for your own Journey.
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