Step into highest states of STILLNESS for this LUNAR ECLIPSE Activation.

BELOVED IAM PRESENCE, pour more and Align within our Awakened Sacred Hearts and Opened Infinite Minds of your Infinite LOVE;
Gently pour more of your Infinite FIRE to blaze and transmute our Hearts, Minds and Etheric Bodies into your LIGHT.
Connect us now to the INFINITE IAM PRESENCE of All Life, including INFINITE ALL WISDOM within ALL Gaia’s Kingdoms On this new World awakening All Her Elements.

We ask that our New-Dimensional Bodies embody the 5th Dimensional Brainwave Patterns of ONENESS Consciousness to transmute any limiting energies that should create blockages to the Perfection of INFINITE ALL Vibrations that is within all Living Energies on this planet.

May we be released of all memories, wounded thought forms and imperfections that no longer serves our Highest Purpose of the New Divine Plan of this New World.

We become Crystalline Bodies of LIGHT fully open and ready to receive these Infinite Solar, Galactic and Cosmic Energies to fuel our IAM PRESENCE of ONENESS Consciousness.

Mother/Father GOD we ask that you fill All Gatherings with your Transfiguring Power of LOVE.
Empower us to act as Infinite Crystalline Energies of LIGHT LOVE and PEACE onto all Kingdoms and all Elements on this new world Gaia during this Activation of this Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse of an Infinite GATEWAY opening.

We hold this Essence of LOVE LIGHT PEACE within our Bodies Hearts and Soul Minds to project and transmit upon this Beloved Planet and all Life forms of 5D Awakening Energies of Consciousness as We are raised up into this GATEWAY of ONENESS on this Lunar Eclipse.

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5 D, Conciousness