Mundane to Magical

Mundane to Magical

What is the Mundane to Magical Summit by Louise Matson about?

You may, like Louise, have experienced childhood as a completely magical place of limitless possibilities where you could traverse the different dimensions and realities using your imagination alone, and connect and communicate with the magical realms with ease and grace;  Earth Spirits, dragons, fairies, angels and more.

But there came a time in your life where you felt the need to lock all of that magic away deep inside yourself; your gifts, talents and abilities to Channel and heal.  This is what happened to Louise through fear, fear of not being accepted, not being loved, not fitting in and from that point forth you stepped firmly onto the treadmill of normal daily life and felt your world turning from the vibrant, magical, colourful world to this grey mundane normal daily Grind we all experience as ‘real life’.

But, now more than ever, many people are feeling the pull of their hearts, calling them to reconnect with the magic that is all around them and reclaim the truth of who we all are as creator beings and create the soul-fuelled magical life that your soul came here to experience.

And this is the reason why this summit has been created.  To assist you on your own journey of soul evolution, by bringing together over 25 amazing speakers, experts in their own particular fields of Magic, Spiritual Evolution and Growth.

Bringing you Transmissions, Wisdom, Guidance and Activations during each light-encoded video conversation to assist you to take that leap and reconnect with the magic inside of you, to shift your life back, from the ‘Mundane’ to the ‘Magical’.

This summit is a culmination of Louise’s spiritual journey and has been created directly from a channeled message she received from spirit.

Broadcast: March 5, 2020 

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