Conference of light

Gathering of Light Souls Infinite Conference of Light

Presented by NoraWalksInSpirit

AWAKEN your soul to the true essence of who you truly are
ACHIEVE total spiritual freedom
RAPIDLY feel your energy shifts

If you are ready to:

Awaken your true master soul
Be free of patterns and habits that hold you back in life
Become clear about your life purpose
Harmonize the body, mind, spirit, and emotions while increasing feelings of well-being
You can have this!

2018 Date TBA



NoraWalksInSpirit presents “An Infinite Conference of Light”.

TBA 2018


Gathering of Crystal Light Souls, An Infinite Conference of Light will help you achieve total spiritual freedom by releasing old patterns, routines and habits from past lives (your karmic cycles) that are affecting you in this life.

In the end, the activations you receive will awaken your soul to the true essence of who you truly are. There are no coincidences in life. You have found this page at this point in time because your soul is ready to transcend. It is your time to embark on this journey and your chosen group is awaiting your arrival.

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