Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

12:12 Gateway

A GATEWAY of Communications is Arriving for all 7 Chakras of the Body to Advance, Accelerate and Begin to Integrate into a SOLAR Chakra System of “12” throughout 2022.

This Sacred 12:12 Gateway is a Portal Window of Light Consciousness that is bathing and Activating all Grid Systems, Meridians, Lei Lines on this Planet. And yes, even bathing your own Meridians of Acupuncture, Axial Tonal and Chakra Systems within your 3D Body to be Amplified and Aligned and Attuned to these Telepathic Signals of High-Pitched Tones ringing into your Aura Fields preparing you to shed more of your past life Cellular Memories and to LISTEN to what is Alive, Awakened, Living within your LIGHT vibrational your Body, Mind and Soul Being.

Your minds are becoming Perceptive Minds, your Hearts are Integrating more Light Crystals of Light Consciousness and transmitting into your Base Chakras that are now spinning into heightened Realities of Incepting your Etheric Crystal Solar Chakras of the Beyond Intelligences.

And you are all more than ready to step UP to these Telepathic Signals that you are hearing and now receiving within your 5D Hearts and Minds and to align out of dormancy into the Reality of ONENESS Consciousness that you Are a Divine Soul Light Being of Master Energies!
JOIN ME and the Infinite Masters of Light Intelligences with your own Masters, Spirit Guides, Angelic and Celestial Ones, to shift connect into the Beyond Dimensions of this Planet.

10:10 Gateway Happy Thanksgiving

December 12, 2021 12PM EST

Zoom Event

Refund Policy: No refunds if your cancellation is less than 24 hours prior to this event.

Join noraWalksInSpirit at 1:00pm to Awaken A Portal of LIGHT within YOU

Are you ready to SPARK those dormant DNA and Cellular Memories of Master Templates of Knowledge, and soar into Reality Consciousness?
Are you ready to let go and let MASTERY align into your New Light Soul?
And have you been LISTENING to the Energies elevating you in the quietness of your Inner Mind, when you are alone discovering that what is
Simply JUST IS of Mastery….

Let us take a Journey into these Infinite Realms that are transmitting onto this Planet; where we have been long awaiting this Alignment.
These Infinite Masters of Light shall pour their Light Knowledge as they envelope you, embrace you and elevate you into a 5th Dimensional Light Activation to prepare you for the New Year 2022.


Welcome to an 8 Week Course of Mentoring into Mastery with NoraWalksInSpirit who will be sitting with you for 1 hour each day Monday to Friday for 8 full weeks of Living Breathing IN the Infinite Masters of Infinite Light Intelligences.

Each week there will be an In the Moment Lesson that will be delivered each day from Nora and her Infinite Masters on How to Clear your Inner/Outer Consciousness Fields, How to Sustain a Higher Network of Communications from your 3D Mind to a Supra Conscious Mind.
And how to radiate your Light Vibratory Fields throughout your entire body for personal Healing and Revitalizing your Mind, Body and Soul into Master Consciousness.

  • There will be Concepts and Demonstrations, Activations and Healings each Week
  • There will a Q&A on one day for sharing and answering any and all of your inquiries.
  • There will be a Activation Day that will shift you, infuse you and allow you to be integrated
  • And you will come to know how to Step Into Mastery in this unsettled unknowing world!
Mentoring into Mastery

Spend 1 Hour each weekday with Nora Walksinspirit.

Creating a Crystal Light Body

Each month The Infinite Masters of Light Intelligences will be taking onto another Level of exploring & elevating your Body and Mind Consciousness through Teachings and Activations

5 Courses

Telepathic Tuesday

Join me each and every last Tuesday Evening of the month for a wonderful message from the Masters who have been Walking In Spirit with ME for so many years.

Upcoming Gateways

Every Month a Gateway or Portal to the Realms opens on a double-digit date, such as 5th day of a 5th month “5-5” during that
time there is usually a Full/New Moon or Eclipse/Solstice which shifts the Energy Fields on the Planet.

Solstices Equinoxes & Lunar Eclipses

Solstice and Equinox is our own God Source fueling us more with a LOVE LIGHT Vibration into our Inner Soul Child who is blossoming into a Beautiful “Child of Light” in LOVE.

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