Join noraWalksInSpirit to Europe and South Africa

03 December – 15 December, 2019

12-12-12 The year of 12 Gateway

Join noraWalksInSpirit On Her Incredible Journey To Europe & South Africa

  • 2 nights in Amsterdam – city of canals with stunning buildings and amazing history
  • 9 nights in South Africa – experience the magic of a safari for 3 nights then the culture and hospitality of Cape Town, Table Mountain and much more

CAD $9875 per person inclusive of flights, accomodation and several meals, tours and taxes – see detailed itinerary with all Terms and Conditions.

Space is limited and to reserve your place, a deposit of $2000 is required.

Contact DIANE BAILEY, VISION TRAVEL at, 905-709-4311 to reserve your spot today!

“Align to the Beauty of this Planet”


noraWalksInSpirit is born of Algonquin Native Heritage and has studied Shamanic Practices from an early age. Her Universal Shamanic Teachings and Healings of today connect and Communicate to the Infinite Dimensions and Grid Systems of many Master Teachers that she shares dynamics of their Sacred Light Teachings.

She is a “Diamond Light Code Transmitter” to the Multi-Dimensions of Crystal Grid Systems that she Connects and Communicates into a deeper level of Infinite Divine “Oneness Consciousness”.


“My Teachings and Healings are SPOKEN through the Gift of the Sacred Languages to form a Bridge from the Mind to the Heart to many Dimensions.”


December 5: Amsterdam.

  • Morning Welcome Breakfast and Channel for the Arrival of Everyone onboard.
  • A second Channel will be to prepare everyone for what will be unfolding when we arrive into Johannesburg, as the Masters will be preparing all hearts and minds for the 12-12-12 Sacred Date of the Master Journey that lies ahead.

December 7:

  • AM Channel at Breakfast – Preparing the Path of Light for our Flight to Hoedspruit.

December 8 – 10:

  • Each morning and early evening with the Safari Guide there will be a Message from the Masters to Communicate with the Kingdoms and the Elements. There will also be Evening Channel to the Star Elders and Star Nations during the Sun-Down.

December 11: Cape Town.

  • Channel in highest preparations for the 12-12-12 GATEWAY from the Star Elders and Star Nations. This will be a group setting during our lunch on our full day excursion to Cape Town. This day we will be walking with the Penguins, and walking within the Ocean Waves of many of the Finned and Mammals to appear as called by the Masters.

December 12:

  • Table Mountain Channel. We will arrive on top of the Mountain at 11:00 a.m. and settle into a Hoop of ONENESS for the Master Message to be delivered with a Healing/Alignment Activation placed upon each Person. This will also be on Video for those who are following this very Sacred Journey.

December 13:

  • Breakfast Message in preparing us for a full day excursion back down the beautiful coastline of Cape Town. Here, we will have a Message delivered from the Whales and Dolphins as the Star Elders walk in Spirit with Nora and the Group.

December 14:

  • Our Final Visit and Farewell Message from the Masters of Star Nations on top of the Mountain. FAREWELL LUNCH on Me

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Who is nora WalksInSpirit?

The discussion always begins with Who, What and When you began this Journey of LIGHT??? It all began with the HOLY CHRIST speaking and healing Nora’s mind of fear and then exploded into Masters of many Realms speaking and walking in Spirit with her at all hours when she would call out in fear. A very empowering Native arrived one day named EagleFeather who gifted her, her name being “noraWalksInSpirit” in a FIRE Ceremony surrounded in a Hoop of ONENESS by many Elders and Masters such as Jesus. Both EagleFeather and Jesus became the closest ONES to her, then Ascended Masters of Metatron, Melchizedek and now it is the INFINITE ONE and MASTERS such as JESUS of the INFINITE LIGHT CHAMBER ROOMS who are teaching and transmitting CODES into many Dimensional Grid Systems simultaneously in human forms and into Multi Dimensions of Grid Systems to co create ONENESS vibrations of LOVE.

A Bridge to FREEDOM into REALITY Consciousness is what the Masters demonstrated to Nora, and this same Bridge to REALITY Consciousness is now alive and moving into the Hearts and Minds and Souls of all who are Transforming into the 5D Consciousness now, elevating the Planet. The next level of operating this Consciousness Network is through Communications of your CRYSTAL LIGHT SOUL.

And you are all more than ready to Amplify, Accelerate and Activate into the LIGHT CODES of Consciousness of your CRYSTAL LIGHT SOUL… Let the Teachings begin, Let the Students arrive…