Pete Bernard

Algonquin Medicine Man

Pete Bernard has the ability to hold his Conscious awareness and navigate Multiple Dimensions simultaneously. By connecting and communicating with your Soul, a Bridge of Reality is created for you to walk into passageways of your TRUE Soul, when purification of all that is within you begin your TRUE Path of Enlightenment.


October 13:  simultaneously. He will be connecting with the Star Nations to communicate an Awakening of a12-Strand DNA Resurgence for everyone. All will be guided through STILLNESS as you become Enlightened of your Divine DNA Origins.

October 14:  The advancing Body Mind and Soul opens our Inner Grid Systems to even greater Aspects of our Soul and as you move into the Crystalline Consciousness of Who you truly are, the body becomes of LIGHT. A greater knowing and understanding about the Inter-Dimensional Nature of our Light Bodies will be discussed today.