Fall Equinox Ramping up our Consciousness into BALANCING and ATTUNING


Ramping up our Consciousness into BALANCING and ATTUNING our LIGHT BODY LIGHT MIND LIGHT SOUL into Harmonics of STILLNESS

Well here we GROW again, and this is the new Consciousness waves that we are seemingly adapting to more than we know and without any disharmonic aches and pains.This Fall Equinox is aligning our Outer Fields more deeper into our Inner Fields of Consciousness as the AWARENESS of the Body Mind and Soul is really starting to kick into enfoldments of LIGHT.

These enfoldment packets that are infusing into our Inner Grid Systems of our Solar Chakra Bodies is empowering us into the higher Dimensions of KNOWING and BEING that we are elevating in our Consciousness and we are accepting it, with a grace and fulfillment now. No longer is the mind or body in resistance and uncertainty frequencies are releasing while embracing the higher wave forms arriving. The Mind is no longer shirking or oscillating in fear or old wounded emotions of the past unknowingness

As these outer fields of Consciousness are growing in the LIGHT, our own Inner Fields or Chakra Bodies are also growing in the KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and INTELLIGENCES of who we truly are BECOMING

This Fall Equinox is BALANCING the scales of Trust and All Knowing that everything that IS JUST IS.
I will be transmitting an Activation that Guides, Attunes and Balances all Hearts and Souls into the LIGHT ESSENCES of INFINITE STILLNESS vibrations, as we Balance the Inner Mind to the Higher Conscious Mind

Audio Aproximately 58 minutes


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