Full Moon Activation August 15, 2019


Hello Everyone, since the last Gathering on the 8-8 GATEWAY, I have been feeling the increased energies of cleansing, healing, letting go and preparing for yet another valuable energy of LIGHT vibrations arriving on this upcoming Full Moon

As we begin each morning in STILLNESS to adorn and tap into these wonderful new Energies of LIGHT, we will align to the heightened ringing vibrations more rapidly.

The Winged, the Animal/Plant Kingdoms and even those Unseen Ones within the Cloud Formations are all beckoning us to these new STILLNESS vibrations of LIGHT

During the 8 8 GATEWAY a Key of LIGHT Consciousness connected you to your own Soul Mastery frequencies and has begun Synchronizing and Harmonizing for the past few days. On this upcoming Full Moon, your own Higher Column of Light is going to come in and amplify the Abilities of your Master Energy that you will be Attuning.

Join ME(Master Energies) in a “Hoop of Oneness” as we Gather into ONENESS for an empowering Activation of Connecting and Communicating to ALL that you are.


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