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Telepathic Tuesday – September 24, 2019

Join me each and every last Tuesday Evening of the month for a wonderful message from the Masters who have been Walking In Spirit with ME for so many years.It was their Message for ME to transmit the upcoming Knowledge, for the opening a new month.

Fall Equinox – September 23, 2019

Your Inner Minds are shifting you more and more and you are feeling this Master Soul “Knowingness” from deep within your Heart. These Feelings will be further amplified on the September 23rd EQUINOX.


Stepping Into Mastery 2019-2020 September Session 2

All is moving in rapid speeds now and our Body, Mind and Soul are receiving these rapid upgrades causing more Ascension Symptoms while we are letting go of the density of our Body, Mind, Spirit.

Ascension Series –
Level 1

Learn techniques that will assist you in your Spiritual Life as well as your Daily Life and help you develop a healthy and balanced BODY, MIND and SOUL.

Stepping Into Mastery – 2019-2020 Audio Replays

Get ready…. For each month moving ahead until the end of this ‘12’ Master Year you will be experiencing these Masters of Light Lessons and Activations to flow through your Inner Body, Inner Mind, Aligning you to all Auric/Etheric Fields of LIGHT.

Gateways to Reality Consciousness – Replays

Each Activation guides you, heals you and set you on course of Mastery.

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BlogTalk Radio – Stepping Into Mastery

Join me each month for Telepathic Tuesday, a Gateway, a Lunar Activation, and Master Teachings, both live and replay recordings. A wonderful message from the Masters who have been Walking In Spirit with ME for so many years.

Quantum Conversations

Soul Talk

Wisdom of the Ancients

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