9 Codes of Consciousness April 22, 2020

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These Master Teachings are needed now for the ASCENSION of the Souls on this Planet.

IAM going to be speaking to you in gentle Tones and Vibrational Languages so that your body and mind may shift into a LIGHT Consciousness. You may become Awakened to a Vision within your Mind, a Healing within your Heart, and you will Feel an utmost Peace as I deliver these Divine Master Teachings each month of March until November
This is a “Series of ‘9’ CODES of Consciousness” for each person to receive a CODE of Consciousness each month, to utilize and actualize daily for their Transformation of becoming Aligned, Balanced and Connected to their Inner Soul and High Master Soul.
These Infinite 9 CODES of Consciousness will begin with the understanding of Energies of STILLNESS and how to stay in your own Higher Consciousness Grid Systems of Light.
We will begin each Session with Stillness and a Master Message and Teaching. A Musical Interlude after 40-55 minutes will allow you to integrate and hydrate with Water Break.
After the 10 minute break we will rejoin with the Masters for a High Level Activation.
Each month a 2nd Activation will be included in your Package to LISTEN and Infuse for reviewing and uplifting your Consciousness Daily, until we meet for the next Gathering!
April 22
This 2nd Month we will Align to the Essence of the Masters as they teach us the……
CODES that hold you in this lifetime that block your Soul Connections.
We will be infusing Higher Vibrations of Light Essences into your Aura Body Fields and clearing the Cellular Molecular Timelines within. Preparing the Inner Chakra Bodies to begin receiving, rewiring, re activating of your 12 New Solar Chakras Frequency, that will allow you to tap into your First CODE upon the Crown. You will begin aligning, accepting, adapting to the higher Light Essences arriving upon your Outer Fields and now INTO your Crown


9 Codes of Consciousness Teaching and Activation

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