Soul Talk

Soul Talk

Soul Talk

Preparing the Soul Consciousness for Spring Equinox of 2020

March 18 5PM EST

JOIN NoraWalksInSpirit and the Infinite Master Beings of LIGHT who
will be enveloping you in LIGHT Consciousness waveforms of Light
Intelligences of their energies of Knowledge.

NoraWalksInSpirit infuses these Higher Crystal Light Frequencies as
she Channels Infinite Intelligent Masters Energies to invoke the new
Frequencies of LIGHT Knowledge that pours through her, as she Awakens
Crystals within the Body and Soul during her Master Messages.

A Sacred Date of Spring Equinox is soon arriving and the Masters of
Infinite Light will be guiding, teaching, and unveiling what is
transpiring on the Planet within her Elements and Kingdoms at this

During the Call you will be ignited and enlightened of the Master
Frequencies of Light and Love.
* How do we prepare our Body, Heart and Mind for these LIGHT
Frequencies that are sweeping and pouring upon us each day? How do we
Transition to our Aura Fields?
* When the heightened energies begin arriving for an Equinox, what
will you feel around you, and how do you stay in your own Balanced
Fields for Protection?

Nora will bring the guidance and directions of Techniques of how to
stay Balanced, and Aligned for a more rapid flow of the higher Light
Energetic Fields to Integrate.
* A Master Message and Activation to elevate your own Consciousness
into a higher Awareness and Balancing of Masculine and Feminine
Frequencies will be delivered.
* Are you staying in STILLNESS longer each day, and are you
recognizing the higher quotients of Light Vibrational STILLNESS
energies around. What are they showing you, telling you, invoking into
your Chakra Body?
* Nora will once more deliver a Message and a Activation for you to do
each day, to sustain and keep yourself Activated within these
heightening Electromagnetic Fields of Light.


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