Soul Talk

Soul Talk

Soul Talk

A Special Invitation to Join me on Soul Talk in the Magnificent New Year Wednesday January 8 at 2 PM PST/ 5 PM EST

Clearing and Activating your Auric Fields for the New Light Codes of Consciousness.

This is a New Year of a New Beginning of shifting your own Consciousness Fields through Awareness and Focus and Absolute Obedience

You will be shifting into a new Supra-Consciousness of Light, as the old consciousness thinking patterns will be transitioning to a new waveform of LIGHT. Your Heart will become the higher Consciousness receiving new Light Codes emanating within your Outer Body.

Your Aura can no longer be thought forms of repetitive energies, that have been holding you in the 3D Consciousness, since we are now into the 5^th Dimension of a New Crystalline Light Energy sitting in your Auric fields, waiting for your Response!!!

The Masters of Higher Dimensions will bring forth the Knowledge and Activation of both Understanding and Preparing the Auric Fields into Light Consciousness Fields, to blend into your Etheric Grid Systems of Mastery

When you sign up you will receive the information to connect with us on the morning of the show. Watch your inbox!

As always there will be Replay if you can’t make the Live Show!

Soul Talk is a gathering of the most high vibrational, cutting edge transformation workers, intuitives, thought leaders and healers in our time. It’s a time of transition and great transformation and many of us are on the greatest adventure of all, the journey to ourselves.

There is no reason to make the journey Alone!

Join Us and I’ll see you on the Show!


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