As this Easter begins to unfold, a new YOU awakens each morning and stretches your little legs, and moves your small head to the awakening Master’s Mind that begins seeping into PEACE, STILLNESS and yes quietness within of knowing You have shifted into the ONENESS Consciousness .

These Easter Blessings of Holiest Masters of LIGHT marks a stepping plateau for many on this planet to a realization that something has happened within…A new BEING has been Born on this Planet…
You are AWAKENED of a New CONSCIOUSNESS of energies that surround your body and it is like the new born delicately sensing the energy fields of the outer world, no longer hidden within the womb. You have been re-birthed into a new BEING today.

As you move your body around today, to the various family gatherings, you will Just Know that you are NOT A BODY, YOU LIVE IN A BODY of ABSOLUTE LOVE LIGHT and PEACE and that all that shall surround you is your new birthing of ONENESS Consciousness.

Blessings of MY INFINITE WORD pour within you