A Special Prayer

Welcome to all Beings in all the Realms in all the Dimensions that enter into our Awakening hearts and Open minds today. We enter into ONENESS Consciousness with all Living Energies on this entire planet and bring forth highest levels of healing and integrations of new energies of LIGHT.

I open my heart and my mind to receive all who wish to enter into this chamber room of learning and understanding. I ask that all Energies of Consciousness of LOVE LIGHT and PEACE that are living in this lifetime and the Beyond to assist us in our journeys of creating a new Body, a new Heart, a new Mind, a new Soul Being that will shift our life journeys here and now into FREEDOM.

In this introduction to the Ascension Series, the focus will be on exploring various concepts of Consciousness, which in turn will help you awaken to who you truly are.
You will develop an:
• Understanding that the Body and Mind are Energies of Consciousness
• Understanding of how Alignment, Balance and Stillness Heals the Body and Mind.
• Understanding of Lowering Thought Forms, how to detect them and how to clear them out of the Body and Mind.
Tips and techniques for Mind and Body healing will be taught (such as the Projections and Reflection Technique) and Integrations and Activations will be performed by various Masters to help you shift your own Fields of Energy.

Cleanse, Purify & Electrify the Mind, Body and Soul

Energies of Consciousness that no longer serve you will be released while Energies of Consciousness that are needed for you to heighten will be activated within you. We are exposed to lower vibrations of energy (lower thought forms, such as fear, jealousy, anger, etc) and through repeated exposure over many years, such energy lingers within our body’s layers of energy. At the time of our births, the purity of our body’s layers of energy offer the soul freedom. Exposure to lower energies throughout the course of one’s life robs the soul of such freedom.
Your participation in this first level of the Ascension Series will reverse this process.
Cleansing will occur through work on your “3” Bodies of Consciousness:
1. Living Energy
2. Energy from Past Lives
3. Energy of Ancestors and all other Lineages
Altogether, these “3” Bodies of Consciousness represent your body’s spiritual and etheric layers and they create a unique pattern of Atomic Energy. This unique pattern defines who you are. If changes are desired then work must be done on your Bodies of Consciousness.

The Process

Science of the Mind Masters will envelope your body’s highest Consciousness Fields in order to facilitate the release of energies you no longer need and Manifesting Masters of Gifts will align with your Inner Consciousness Fields to infuse new energies within you.
During this process, a gift will be activated within each student. Various Masters of Intelligence will be present during the session and they will activate your special gift by working with your brain waves. In order to do this, the Masters will work within your Outer Fields of Consciousness (the “3” Bodies of Consciousness mentioned above) and your Inner Fields of Consciousness (thought forms). The purification of your Bodies of Conscious fields will allow for new Patterns and Formulas of Intelligence to consciously integrate and activate within you and oscillate within all 3 Chakra Systems.

What this means for you

The transformation outlined above will enable you to align with the Infinite Energy Field of Light. Once you are at this level, you will be oscillating within Oneness Consciousness, which is where you once were when you were first born into this life. The difference now is that you are no longer an infant but rather an adult. Imagine living life with such heightened levels of Energy and Intelligence within yourself. Living life within this state means that your soul is free.

The goal of Ascension Series Level 1 is:

• to let go of energy that no longer serves you
• to integrate and activate Energies of Light & Intelligence within you
• to become once again who you truly are
• to achieve your soul’s freedom.



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